Direct to garment

"DTG printing"

Personalised clothing for brands  & agencies.


DTG printing results.

Direct to garment ( DTG printing ) is the best method of t-shirt printing if you are printing colorful designs for small lots like 1pcs. For Print on demand (printing one off t-shirts or small lots) and for printing photos on to your t-shirt straight from the computer this method is a boon. You need DTG machines to do this printing. It is mainly used for 100% cotton or cotton blend t-shirts.

The DTG printer prints directly onto the t-shirt with a great degree of precision and accuracy of colors. 

You can use unlimited colors in this printing, even 100+ colors. You can design your own prints and patterns, make your own customizations with even your name on it or photographs. The color looks more vivid with this printing than with the screen printing, with a softer hand.

Direct to garment ( DTG printing ) like the screen printing method, it is also popular among hobbyists. It easy to do but it will require knowledge and skills if you are not going to get professional help. All you need for it work is the textile printer and ink .

DTG works like a paper printer in the office. The only difference is that, in this case the ink is going to the fabric. You first need to upload the design to the computer, which then creates uniqueness and creativity.

Designing for DTG printing

Design considersations

If your design was created in Photoshop and features gradients, fades or transparency then the following must be taken into account:

DTG Printers cannot print opacities or transparencies so it is important to ensure the opacity of your graphic is at 100%.

Graphics will appear more pixelated when printed onto fabric than they will on paper or on screen because the ink disperses further.

Fades and glows can be problematic in DTG Printing, especially when printing onto coloured garments, because a white base layer is applied first.

Make sure your graphic is designed using CMYK colour settings. DTG printer’s use CMYK inks so bright lime green, super-hot pink or metallic colours will not render properly.

Colours:                                 CMYK or RGB

Pantone colour matching:     Not available

Artwork type:                         Vector, graphics & Photo

File formats:                          .png, jpg, .ai, .eps, .pdf

Max print Area:                     16 inch x 20 inch

Print resolution:                     14400dpi

  • Ensure the print is 100% of the intended print size.

  • Design and save the graphic file at 300dpi.

  • Ensure the design is created and saved in CMYK format.

  • Make sure to save any PNG files with a transparent background.








3 Inch W










Printing area

Normal printing area


No minimum order quantity   /   Free set up cost   /   Fulfilment time 3 - 5 business days 

Quantity       A4 print size       A3 print size 

1-10             RM 59                RM 69

11-20           RM 49                RM 57

21-30           RM 39                RM 47

50-100         RM 33                RM 43

Add position       RM 10                RM 20


Prices include cost of Mitsu 100% cotton t-shirt, There are no set up costs.

All prices exclude 6% SST & delivery.


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